The SMS Poll

Do you need to quickly find out what your citizens wish?
Do you have a citizen panel that can give you rapid answers?
Would you like to communicate with anyone carrying a mobile phone?

"SMS Poll" will help you.

"SMS Poll" is an short message (SMS) based survey system that may creates a dialogue with various civic groups. You can ask your citizens questions and get summaries of their opinions. You can communicate with open or closed user group and you can let different users register on the web, but communcate via SMS.

This is how it works
you want to know what the public opinion is on a particular issue. Use any number of these features:

  • Send enquiry text messages to groups
  • Receive text messages with answers in preset codes
  • Receive text messages with open answers (free text)
  • Receive messages from selected individuals (closed group)
  • Receive messages from the general public (open group)

The system is built on open source and can be downloaded for free.
The system is designed for a connection to Ericsson IPX SMS bridge.

Reference county council –

Open surve

How high buildings would you accept in the new residential areas of My Town?

Shall the new homes have 3, 7 or 15 floors?

Send a text message and type:
CHOICE NUMBER + number of floors

Then send it to 711 60


Fixed code message

Do you think My Towns swimming pool should be outsourced?

If so - send a text message and type:
then send it to 711 60

If no - send a text message and type :
then send it to 711 60