• The form engine

    What forms would you need on your website?
    Feedback? Ordering forms? Polls?
    Or do you have anything else you wish to collect from your visitors?

    In "imForm" you can create almost any form you want.

    "imForm" allows you to enter into a dialogue with your web visitors.
    You can for instance

    • create a quality survey and find out how people evaluate your services.
    • create an order form for your printed materials
    • collect any information you need for your business.

    The possbilities with forms are endless. One thing is clear. If you have anything that can be collected via a form, then "imForm" can do the job. You may create all questions and fields you want, you get summaries of responses and both you and the respondents can receive email notifications when a form is filled in and submitted.

    This is how it works
    "imForm" - allows you to create forms in many guises. The form can be used for surveys, statistics, ordering and much more. A user can fill out the forms and then get confirmation on the transmission beeing successful or not A copy of the form can be sent via e-mail to the user.

    An administrator can:

    • create forms with text fields, radio buttons, menus, etc.
    • create validations of and controls for form fields
    • write informative texts and titles
    • define the content of e-mails sent to the persons who filled out the form
    • define the content of e-mails sent to the administrator
    • define if the user can attach files
    • read all the answers
    • define if the forms will require login
    • receive summaries of all the answers, that may be used e g in a spreadsheet
    Reference municipality – http://www.skurup.se