• E-government

    A report from SALAR (the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) shows that a fairly high number of all swedish municipalities are not yet implementing eGovernance and eServices in a higher degree. ­According to the report the three biggest obstacles are: finance, the ability to change the structure of the municipality and that existing technical environments are difficult to integrate.

    There fore we have created a number of services that all are low cost and easy to integrate.

    Why eGovernance?

    The survey by SALAR shows that the primary answer to the question "Why eGovernance" is better service to the citizens and to the industry. Other effects the municipalities in the survey claim are: improved information quality, more efficient work processes and a more rapid and efficient decision making process regarding bot citizens and the industry.

    Many municipalities that have introduced eGovernance, experience their work having led to a simpler everyday life and higher quality and efficiency.

    How can we assist your municipality?

    We have during many years been working with web content management, democracy and productivity tools. We also have, for quite some time, experienced the possibilities and problems of the public sector, and we know that a specific eService not always needs to be large, expensive and difficult to integrate into other systems.

    Therefor we have created a number of simple eServices that all can be integrated onto any platform, independent of the municipalities actual system environment. All made to save time and money. Some examples:

    • imForm – A tool that creates forms and stores the answers into a database. Use it for e g: surveys, application forms, data collecting etc.
    • imCalendar – A calendar that can be used in many different ways: book a resource (car, conference room etc), event calendar, group calendar etc.
    • imSMS – aan SMS based tool that can be used in many ways, e g to make an SMS based poll send out information, call in substitute persons etc.

What is an eService?

SALAR defines an eService as a service that is given through an electronic interface and that is to its whole or as a part performed electronically, often via the municipalities web site or as a mobile application.