Integrate with social media

Would you like to get your news onto your Facebook page?
Would you like that your job postings also will be out Twitter?
Would you like to integrate external imagelibraries such as Flickr?

The solution is simple. Let us connect your systems! There are many different ways to integrate your existing web site with different social media, whether it will happen at a certain time or manually when you say so.

By linking various social media with your existing platform, you may

  • save time and make it easier for both customers and yourself
  • increase the impact of your communications
  • appear where you would otherwise not visible

There are many examples of how to do it:

  • Recruitment ads can also be seen on an employment page on Facebook and/or be  twittered to interested persons
  • News on your front page can be visible also on your Facebook Page and Twitter
  • Images are automatically displayed in Facebook or any other page
  • Blogg entries are spread to others
  • etc

Integrating with social media is not expensive - talk to us!