"The Event Handler"

Do you also collect notifications for your events on the e-mail?
Then compile those that signed up on a list?
And in the end realize that there is no space left, they are too many?

"imEvent" makes it much easier.

You may use "imEvent" to any meeting. For example:

You invite a large reference group to a meeting; you invite all of your 1,000 employees at the theater but have only 300 seats; or you arrange a fitness race.

If you let "imEvent" take care of all the event registration
on your website, you can relax and watch the list getting longer and longer. Once all the available seats are taken, "imEvent" would tell that there are no seats left and close the registration form.

The best part is that you get complete lists of names, addresses, e-mail, etc. You do not need to compile anything manually, but you are still in control of who signed up.

"imEvent" is a notification system for both small and large events which will save much time for the administrator.

Om du låter ”imEvent” ta hand om anmälningarna på din websida, kan du titta på medan anmälningarna ramlar in. När

And if you wish to charge for participation, we have ready-made connections to our payment system that handles VISA and MASTERCARD.

"imEvent" is used to create registration forms for events. In addition to basic data on the register form, it may be modified for each event to capture event-specific data, such as a whether to particiapte in a lunch or not, if you want special foods, etc.

This is how it works

    • The system registers participants and can, if desired, require a login.
    • "imEvent" automatically takes care of the maximum number of participants and closes the form after the maximum number reached.
    • The administrator can easily see how many and who, that have registered for an event.
    • The administrator can retrieve user lists from the system to your spreadsheet software.
    • The system notifies the registration, via e-mai, tol both the participand and the administrator.
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