Do you need to reach people quickly?
What are your needs to collect information from individuals?
Do youhave a stratehy hoe to you SMS in your activivties?

Our SMS-services can help you!

I'mSMS services can be used in a number of ways:

  • bulk or individual transmissions to registered persons

  • collection of enquires

  • collection of opinions

  • dialogue for e g stand-in persons

  • relay one sms to thousands of receivers

  • SMS from you homepage to e g service personal

Bulk or individual messages
I'mSMS gives you the possibility to send out messages to any person that is either registered in the system or in a manually entered list of numbers. Some examples:

  • A restaurant has a VIP-club with around 1000 members. Occasionally the restaurant wishes to give the club members benefits and special offers. They send out bulk messages with information about the evening activities to all members during lunchtime. This fills up the restaurant quite well in the evening.

  • You need to reach a disaster management group or your board members with an important message.

  • You wish to thank every participant that has answered your questions, in your SMS campaign.

Collecting answers in enquires
Say you wish to get answers from all participants in a big meeting. Just ask the questions, on stage, or on printed ads and ask people to answer via SMS. Then just read the summaries on your SMS web page.

Listening to the public opinion
The municipality of Kungsbacka in Sweden wanted to get their citizens opinion about public transfer in the region. The best way to get quick answers is to ask people when they travel. Therefore the municipality advertised on busses and stations, and asked people to send SMS messages with their opinion. They got hundreds of answers with different suggestions for changes.

The organization Tillväxt Gotland (opinion formers in Sweden) wanted to start 2 task forces and needed to get people to register. In a conference 600 person were asked to declare their interest about participation via SMS. Tillväxt Gotland got 100 intersted persons within 2 minutes.

Dialogue for recruiting stand in persons
The municipality of Skurup uses I'mSMS to recruit extras like nurses, school personal etc. Whenever there is a need for a stand in, a SMS is sent to all registered stand-in persons in the correct category. They normally get answers within minutes.

Relay one sms to thousands of receivers
A bicycle association has more than 100 officials spread over many kilometer of road. Today they can put a person in the lead car and this persons can reach all officials by one single sms that is relayed by I'mSMS.

SMS from you homepage to e g service personal
Do you wish to give your clients a possibility to send SMS directly to service personal? Would you like to internally be able to send text messages to internal and external persons? Would you like pre set lists with recipients on your homepage?

We can integrate imSMS with your Homepage in a number of ways. In the left menu you will find two examples of SMS usage.